FREE Piggy Parent Package


Whether you are thinking of getting a pet pig, a beginner or expert Pet Pig owner the information provided in this packet is priceless.

There are two packets of information available depending on your needs.

  • One for people considering a pet pig and need general information on the breed, their behavior, where to get one and other information.
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  • A custom package for people who just got a pet pig or have one and need a lot of information on care.

    The packet includes:

    • Feeding guidelines
    • The “real” facts about Pot Bellied Pigs
    • Tips for veterinarian care
    • Pet Pig Do’s and Don’ts
    • Unique product information
    • Pig Poisonous plants and Household Toxics
    • Homeopathic remedies
    • When to call the vet
    • And much much more…
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    • When ordering this package please include the pigs name, age, sex, if they have been altered and any specific problems or information you need in the comment section of the order form. The package will be customized for you.

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